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All the excursions you can do staying in Etna Quota Mille Agritourism: Etna quad excursion, horse riding Etna and Nebrodi, Etna mountain Bike tours, Etna trekking tour, Body Rafting Alcantara Gorges and much more, look prices and descriptions.

We are partners of The Island of Wonders agency and with the Etna guides for all excursions, clicking on the activity you will be redirected to the partner site where you can see description, prices and all details you need to choose the excursion you prefer.

Etna Trekking Tour, Full Day

Meeting Point 5 minutes far

Etna Trekking Tour, Half Day

Etna Trekking Tour

Half day for families with kids

Meeting Point 5 minutes far

Sicily Trekking, Nebrodi

Meeting Point 5 minute far

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Etna Quad Excursion

Start Point 25 minutes far

Alcantara Quad Excursion

Start Point 25 minutes far

Alcantara Quad Excursion

1h, 1h30min, 2h30min

Nebrodi Quad Excursion

Start Point 30 minutes far

Nebrodi Quad Excursion

2h30min, half or full day

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Etna Bike Tour

Start Point 8 minutes far

Etna Mountain Bike Tours

Start Point 8 minutes far

Body Rafting Alcantara Gorges

Start Point a30 minutes far

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Etna Horse Riding

Etna Horse Riding

1h, 2h for Beginners

Start Point15 minutes far

Horse Riding Siciy

Start Point 15 minutes far

Horse Riding Sicily

3h with crossing of Alcantara river

Sea Kayak Sicily, Taormina

Start Point 48 minutes far

Sea Kayak Sicily

2h in Isola Bella, Taormina

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How do the tours work?
Where can I see the prices?
How should I reach the meeting or starting point?

Click on the Price & Details button to see all the info of the selected excursion, to book use BOOK ONLINE button you find in the detail page. Once you booked you will receive detailed instructions to get the activity, including the start or meeting point you have to reach. Excursions are available every day, you have to be 2 people at least to book.

Scrolling through the page of the selected excursion you will find the prices section.

Every excursion has a different starting or meeting point, on the excursion page you will find the generic starting point. After confirmation of your booking you will receive the exact point to reach, with the telephone contact of the person in charge on site. We remind you have to reach the starting point with your own vehicle.

How Can I Book?
What happens with bad weather?
Can I cancel my reservation?

To make a reservation just use the BOOK ONLINE button that you find on the page of the selected excursion. When booking, you will need to select the date, the starting time from those available and the number of participants. We remind you it is necessary to pay a deposit will be only pre-authorized, after the confirmation of booking by our team, the deposit will be take by your card.

In the booking confirmation you will find the telephone number of the person in charge on site, you can call the day before or the morning of the excursion to check the weather conditions in the area where the excursion will take place and to take info about the performing of activity.

It is always possible to cancel or modify the reservation. We guarantee the refund of the deposit due to bad weather. Cancellation for bad weather works only in the event that the cancellation is made by our organization

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